Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Irish Catholic Church Pays $300,000 for Cardinal Sean Brady's Enabling of a Sexual Predator

     The Catholic Church in Ireland just paid $300,000 in a sexual abuse settlement to Marie McCormack, one of the many victims of Father Brendan Smith, whose abusive sexual proclivities in Ireland and the U.S. were covered-up and enabled by many clerics, including the current Cardinal Sean Brady.
Hypocrite Sean Brady, 
Image by Irish Central
     Brady has refused to step down in light of his participation in the thirty-five year long cover-up of Fr. Smith's sexual abuse of minors.

     [Cardinal Sean] Brady was charged with investigating the allegations of clerical abuse. Brady interviewed two young sex abuse victims and swore them to secrecy at the end of his investigation in the Kilmore diocese.
     [Marie] McCormack currently resides in Canada and according to an RTE report, her marriage and quality of life has being greatly affected by the sexual abuse she received between the ages of 14 and 20.
     In a sworn affidavit McCormack accused Brady of failing to notify the police of the sex crimes. McCormack also accused Brady of covering up the crimes by failing to take steps to prevent Smyth from abusing herself and other children despite the fact that he was aware that he was a sex predator.
     Now, it's just me, but if an executive cost a company $300,000 (not to mention enabled the sexual abuse of numerous employees' and clients' children), wouldn't that executive get fired?  But, if god is on the side of the management, anything is possible.

      Here is the response of two victims of Smith/Brady in response to Brady's refusal to step down (via Irish Central):
     Marie Collins, who was abused in the Crumlin Children’s Hospital, feels that Brady would have shown much stronger leadership by stepping down from his position.  “I think the Church needs new leadership and I’m disappointed that we’re not going to get it,” said Collins.  “It’s not a question of revenge; it’s a question of taking responsibility. We can’t have change in the Church here until everyone in the top realizes how actions of the past decimated so many lives.”
     Another survivor Andrew Madden said “I think they have a huge credibility problem if they try to speak, of child protection or other moral issues, when their own leadership was involved in the cover-up of the sexual abuses of children and kept it quiet for 35 years.  It’s very damaging for people on the ground who are doing child protection to see that they’re doing one thing, and that the leadership is minimizing what Brady did in 1975 while they’re trying to be taken seriously.”
 Cardinal Brady, Enabler, image by Irish Central



cardinal sean brady primate of all ireland has decieved the irish people and himself, as he said he would resign if his actions were responsible for causing the abuse of children and they clearly did for a further 18 years.