Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Iowa Family Policy Center's Anti-Gay Candidate Loses by 49% Margin

     Under the weather again today folks, so my submissions will be few.

     Joe.My.God. has been reporting on anti-gay Iowa Family Policy Center (which received $3 million in federal grants--your tax dollars--to lobby against LGBT rights), whose president Church Hurley has been attacking religious people who support marriage equality and civil rights legislation for LGBT persons.  Last week, Hurley called these compassionate pastors "confused at best and blatantly evil at worst" and went on to question their leadership credentials by calling them "pseudo pastors." Mr. Hurley is not a pastor.

     Leading up to last night's primary, Hurley's Iowa Family Policy Center threw a bunch of money behind their candidate and tried to make the campaign about marriage equality and the horrors of sodomy.

     From One Iowa via press release:
     Pro-equality legislator Ako Abdul-Samad scored a decisive victory in tonight’s House District 66 Democratic primary. Clair Rudison, with the full force of the Iowa Family Policy Center behind him, won only 25% of the vote compared to 74% for Abdul-Samad. Voters rejected the negative and divisive tactics he and the Iowa Family Policy Center used to try to smear his opponent. "We congratulate Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad on his decisive victory and welcome his continued leadership at the statehouse," said Jenison.
     Hurley had vowed to make the election about one thing: gay marriage. As it turns out, Iowa's voters only care about the stuff that actually affects their lives. Sad trombone for Chuckie!