Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gay Couple Named Prom King and Queen in New York

     Welcome to Hudson High School, where two gay friends attending the prom together were just make King and Queen of the Prom, and the city is supporting them. Go Yankees!  (Boo Braves and Ole Miss).
     On Saturday night, seniors and best friends, who happen also to be gay, Charlie Ferrusi and Timmy Howard, were honored by their student body

     WNYT reports:
     The two seniors don't just have the support of their classmates. It appears much of the town is pleased with their victory. So much so that their names are displayed on a sign at one of the local businesses and a gaggle of people showed up Thursday evening to watch them be interviewed.
     "People are not ashamed of us they are really excited this happened," said Ferrusi, whose grandfather is the former mayor of Hudson.
     "We're all equal. I've always told my son, since he was little, to do what you believe. It's all in your heart and you are who you are. Just prove yourself and he (Charlie) has done this," gushed Charlie's proud mom, Kathryn Ferrusi.
     Charlie and Timmy say all they did was be themselves. But they're so happy their classmates not only accept them but also support them.
     Way to go, Hudson, New York!  Hopefully, the New York legislature can learn something about equality from your youngsters.


dianedp said...

10 years ago, my daughter's friend who is openly gay was voted President of the senior class at Plattsburgh High school.

I am so glad for these guys and proud of the town