Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Hates Kathy Griffith, The View Interview Reveals All

     Good Roman Catholic and bad hostess Elisabeth Hasselbeck showed her true colors on The View yesterday, when comedian Kathy Griffith (My Life on the D-List) was a guest.

     Throughout the interview, Hasselbeck stews in her seat like a spoiled child that hasn't gotten her way.  She rolls her eyes, scowls, and focuses on her fingernails.  Then, when there are seconds left in the interview and after remaining silent, Elisabeth pounces on Kathy, who forcefully and respectfully puts Elisabeth in her place.  Why Elisabeth is allowed to continue on this show after years of treating guests and fellow hostesses poorly is beyond me.  She doesn't even have the professional discipline to put on a poker face.

     Here is the interview in its entirety.

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truthspew said...

Yeah, I can't stand the bitch either. I can say that since she's a native RI'er like me.

She's from the self-entitled section of the city of Cranston. We refer to that part of the city and the town of Johnston and the town of North Providence as the big hair capitols.