Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Family Research Council Uses Skeletor to Condemn ENDA

     FRC has just unveiled this wonderful clip art depicting the what they think will happen if ENDA passes, protecting LGBT persons from workplace discrimination.

     Their arguments are the arguments of the bigots of old, who said abolishing slavery was against the bible and would destroy religious freedom, who said that desegregation and interracial marriage was sinful, and who fought women's rights in the name of St. Paul. 

     Under this bill, the government will order businesses, including religious ones, to stuff their personal beliefs and hire gays and lesbians--even if the organization considers the lifestyle immoral. Essentially, Congress would be establishing a caste system, where the "rights" of homosexuals trump the First Freedoms of any employer. At the very least, it will force people out of business. At its worst, it will bully into silence every American who disagrees with homosexual behavior.
     This is bullshit.  Religious institutions, who are not recieving tax dollars, will still have the right to discriminate against all of us homos.  That's justice in America.

     And, FRC, I don't appreciate you putting words into Skeletor's mouth!


Deldachez said...

These people are on the wrong side of histroy as you very well said.
By the way,I hadn't realized that Skeletor is a really hot!