Friday, April 9, 2010

Big Oil Valero President Taunts Courage Campaign, Saves Catholic Mission

     Valero Energy of Texas has spent over half a million dollars to fund a ballot initiative in California, that seeks to repeal California's landmark clean energy law of 2006. In addition to this, the multi-millionaire CEO of Valero, Bill Klesse, has sent a taunting text message to a member of a pro-environmental group, Credo Action, that is leading a boycott of his gas stations.

     Credo reported in an email that I received this morning:
     We know Klesse got those messages because he's responded to at least one of them, defiantly taunting Californians and our support for clean energy. Here's what he wrote in an email to Courage Campaign member Tim in Sacramento:
     From: Klesse, Bill
     Date: Mon, Apr 5, 2010 3:32 PM
     Subject: Seriously?
     To: Tim in Sacramento
     Are you afraid to let people vote?
     Sent from my iPhone
     In reality it's Klesse who is afraid of Californians voting with their wallets -- boycotting Valero as long this Texas oil companiy tries to tell Californians what to think about clean energy and green jobs.
     I purchased my gas from Valero for the past 3 1/2 years here in Los Angeles, but no more. Join me in boycotting Valero and Tesero and sent them an email telling them why by clicking here.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll be blessed enough to receive a taunting reply from Klesse. 

     We don't need another out-of-state funded ballot initiative (like Proposition 8) that reverses the course of progress in California.  By the way, Klesse is a big funder of the Catholic Church, who apparently loves taking money from big oil to restore its Texas missions, while not giving a crap about global warming.

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