Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Manhattan Project's True Bomb

     There is brave editorial  in the Los Angeles Times today.  The editorial calls conservative Christian churches, including the Catholic church, to accountability for their recent actions to derail healthcare reform, civil marriage rights for same sex couples, and women's reproductive rights that culminated in the release of the Manhattan Declaration last week.

     Concerning the Declaration's call for civil disobedience in order to get the nation to adhere to Christian religious laws, the Times editorial concludes:
     This apocalyptic argument for lawbreaking is disingenuous, but it is also dangerous. Did the Roman Catholic bishops who signed the manifesto consider how their endorsement of lawbreaking in a higher cause might embolden the antiabortion terrorists they claim to condemn? Did they stop to think that, by reserving the right to resist laws they don't like, they forfeit the authority to intervene in the enactment of those laws, as they have done in the congressional debate over healthcare reform? They need to be reminded that this is a nation of laws, not of men -- even holy men.


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