Monday, November 9, 2009

I Still Hate (Bad) Religious Art

More proof of the thin line between love and hate.

Hippie Burger King Jesus

Image Credit: PicturesofJesus4You

Sniffle the Little Children
Is that Baby Magic?

Image Credit: PicturesofJesus4You

BFF Jesus:  SWM, tri-curious, hairy, into natural body smells, foot washing (trust me, it's hot!), birds, fantasy, role playing, blood, S&M, and asphyxiation, prostitutes, lepers, and putting life into the dead ;)  Seeking virgin mothers, daddies who like to punish obedient sons, and codependent, needy, guilt-ridden, confused persons looking for an eternal relationship in which they will never be good enough.  Let's meet tonight.  In the park, or at the Olive Garden.
Image Credit: Perspicacious Girl

The Trick (in the Park) Is on You Jesus
Image Credit: PicturesofJesus4You

Magic Jesus: The Famous Bird-Comes-out-of-the-Bible Trick
Image Credit: PicturesofJesus4You

Touchdown Jesus

Dropkick me, Jesus.  End over end!


mrastrel said...

You've got to be kidding me..."Dropkick Me Jesus????"

Ht. Tom said...

It's for real. SHE has the sheet music in his "Believe It or Not" music file.

Tam said...

Okay, what else is in that file? Let's hear it! Maybe you should do a recording of the greatest hits and give it to Bruce for your next anniversary!

oddleft said...

Haha, too funny! That MadTV skit haahah

Andy said...

Great, now Dropkick me Jesus is stuck in my head...

Ht. Tom said...

Great idea, Tam!

Andy, welcome to my world. I'm sure tomorrow it will be some old Glory and Praise, Vol. 1, hymn like "Abba Father" or "Be Not Afraid." These songs never leave!