Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good News: No Pay for Pray Healthcare

Here's a happy update on the Holy Blog's previous post!

The Freedom from Religion Foundation reports:

     The Freedom From Religion Foundation is delighted to report that the mandate requiring private medical insurers to reimburse for "religious or spiritual health care" was not included in the merged health care reform bill that Sens. Reid, Baucus and Dodd have sent to the Senate floor. This provision was previously removed from the House version of the bill. This action removes the language that would have mandated payment to Christian Scientist practitioners for "faith-healing" expenses. This is a great victory for the separation of church and state, and a deserved defeat for the Christian Science lobby—responsible for the passage in most states of "faith-healing" exemptions to protect parents from prosecution when they fail to seek medical treatment for gravely ill children on religious grounds.


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