Monday, August 27, 2012

Archbishop-Elect Salvatore Cordileone (Co-Creator of CA Proposition 8) Arrested for DUI

What a fascinating development!

When Father Peter Petroske was recently arrested in Michigan for a DUI, he was immediately suspended from his duties.  (He also happened to be driving naked.)  It will be interesting to see if +Cordileone is suspended from his duties and sent off to detox or whether bishops on the fast track to cardinal, who author anti-gay constitutional amendments, get a free pass.  

ABC reports that Archbishop-elect Cordileone was arrested at 12:30 AM Saturday morning in the College District of San Diego State University.  Why was a drunken +Cordileone cruising at that hour?  I doubt he was canvassing against gay rights.


truthspew said...

Yes it is rather odd that Cordileone was out at that hour and drunk.

But then, part of that compartmentalization in the priesthood means copious drug and alcohol abuse too.

Colombiere said...

If you are going to be a critic of the Church, don't descend to the level of making uninformed sexual allegations or innuendo of the kind you have posted here.

I am sorry for your sufferings and sorry that this has resulted in the loss of your priesthood and your faith.
I pray for you and wish you happiness in your life. But until you remember some of the magnificent things you learned and lived about charity and human dignity in your former life and apply them to people you don't agree with, you will cling to your own pain and inflict it on others without meaning to.
And isn't that at the heart of what you are accusing the institutional Church and its hierarchy of doing?
If you have discovered what love and happiness really are, shouldn't you demonstrate it a little more?