Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lying, Flip-Flopping Republican Candidates & Personal Responsibility. Oh the Hypocrisy!

     Last night, Rachel Maddow reported on the inconsistencies, backpedaling, and flat-out lies that certain Republican candidates have been caught in recently.

     Here's what GOP Senate candidates Marco Rubio (Florida),  Sharron Angle (Nevada), and Ken Buck (Colorado) are respectively lying about concerning privatizing social security, privatizing the Veterans Administration and  "birth control pills are murder" legislation.

     In this piece, Maddow unmasks the lack of "personal responsibility" in GOP candidates Meg Whitman (California), Christine O'Donnell (Delaware), Linda McMahon (Connecticut), and Joe Miller (Alaska) when they are caught in lies.  They blame someone else.  Gee, where did they learn to do that?


Buffy said...

They blame someone else. Gee, where did they learn to do that?

The Bible.

Ironically the party of "personal responsibility" and "moral values" continually proves it has neither.