Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anti-Gay, Opposite-Sex-Married, Baptist Bishop Eddie Long Goes Down in Homo-Sex Scandal

     Another anti-gay, fundamentalist Christian minister is going down in a gay sex scandal.  Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, who once said that "homosexuality is a spiritual abortion," is currently facing three lawsuits from former church members/employees who claim Long forced them into sexual acts.

     A lawsuit filed Wednesday by Jamal Parris, 23, a former member of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, claims Long made Parrish call him “Daddy” and coerced him into sexual acts...
     The suit, similar to two filed on Tuesday, accuses Long of using his power to force the plaintiff into a sexual relationship. In exchange, Long placed Parris and the two other men on the church’s payroll, bought them cars and other gifts, and took them on lavish trips, according to the suits filed in DeKalb County Superior Court. Long adamantly denies the allegations...
     Parris' allegations are similar to claims made by Anthony Flagg, 21, and Maurice Robinson, 20, who filed suits Tuesday.   Robinson and Flagg say Long began having inappropriate relations with them when they were 16. They are seeking a trial by jury and unspecified damages...
     “It is unfortunate that these young men have chosen to take this course of action,” Long's attorney, Craig Gillen, told the AJC Tuesday night...
      Bernstein claims Long abused his pastoral relationship with the men and convinced them that the sexual relationships were a “healthy component of [their] spiritual lives.”   
     The sex acts occurred when the men were 16, which is the legal age of consent in Georgia, Bernstein said. But Bernstein said some of the acts which occurred at hotels in other states could be considered criminal, which is why she contacted the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Bernstein said.
     Just a few things:  Sex with one's employees is a form of sexual exploitation and/or sexual harassment.  The media's use of "inappropriate relations" sounds more like consensual sex between two adults, than a bishop preying off the trust and confusion of sixteen-year-old boys under his power.  That is the work of a repeat-offending predator and ephebophile.   It is abuse.  Best wishes to the U.S. Attorney's Office on their investigation into Long's abusing these boys over state lines.

     And how is it "unfortunate" that these young men have sued?  It's unfortunate for Long's facade, yet, but it's very fortunate for the other confused, vulnerable boys of his congregation.

    Speaking of clich矇s, formerly-gay Pastor Ted Haggard rushed to Long's defense saying "Nobody's guilty until the court says he's guilty."  In a court of law, yes.  But with three possible victims speaking up, it's likely that there will be more.  And the pictures of Eddie Long (embedded above) in this post were sent to to one of Long's alleged victims.  How many straight, married, conservative, anti-gay bishops send muscle-shirt photos to the barely legal boys of their congregations?

     For a few more viewpoints on the Long accusations, check out:


sortacatholic said...

This scandal isn't scaring me per se. The sexual victimization of even one person is a scandal. That's certainly true. There's something else, something deeper, that worries me.

We Americans are in for a change in government come November. Obama's unable to steer the economy back around. People are choosing the other team for want of something better. Keep this up and we'll have a Palin or Huckabee in office in 2012.

The uber-right GOP Tea has thrown its arms around O'Donnell and other super-evangelical nutties. What's gonna happen when we have an administration that courts rabidly-homophobic-but-child-abusing clergy and double-talking religious fanatics? Welcome to the Christian Republic of the United States. Anything goes for those that can deal the religious spiel.