Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tim Minchin's "Pope Song" Versus Pope Benedict's Cover-Up and Enabling of Sexual Abuse by Priests: Hypocrisy Poll Results

Which is more offensive Tim Minchin's "Pope Song," which you can see by clicking here, or  Pope Benedict's cover-up and enabling of sexual abuse by priests, which you can see by opening any non right-wing Catholic-run newspaper in the world?

92% of you voted that the Pope's actions are more offensive.  You give me hope for a better tomorrow and for the safety of future generations of children.

8% of you think that Tim Minchin's song is more offensive than the Pope protecting child rapists.  Perhaps, you should be required to enroll your children in schools and youth groups, where "reformed" sexual predators will teach them everything they need to know about god.  You should also invite Pedobear to your children's next birthday party.

For you 8% and the millions of Catholics, who continue to stand by your man in the dress and ruby slippers, I offer this quote from Tim Minchin's "Pope Song."  Don't worry, I blotted out the "bad" words, so you won't be offended.

This one is for all of you ultramontanists out there, who believe Pope Benedict has always had your children's best interests at heart:

And if you look into your motherf---ing heart and tell me true
If this motherf---ing stupid f---ing song offended you
With its filthy f---ing language and it’s f---ing disrespect
If it made you feel angry, go ahead and write a letter
But if you find me more offensive than the f---ing possibility
That the Pope protected priests when they were getting f---ing fiddly
Then listen to me, motherf---er, this here is a fact:
You are just as morally misguided as that motherf---ing
Power-hungry, self-aggrandized bigot in the stupid f---ing hat
Oh.  And, you're also reading the wrong blog.

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