Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pope Benedict in Portugal to Preach Economic and Sexual Morality...Seriously?

     On Tuesday, Pope Benedict XVI issued his "most direct words to date on abuse" while on a flight to Portugal.  He's not resigning.  There was no admit of personal participation, only more finger pointing, this time within the church.

     What has been overlooked are some of the reasons why Pope Benedict went to Portugal in the first place. The New York Times reports:
     The pope landed in Lisbon on Tuesday to begin a trip aimed at underscoring several themes of his papacy: the threat posed by secularism in Europe, the tension between faith and reason, and the role of ethics in economics.  Markets are jittery about Portugal’s prospects of bringing its debt and deficit under control. En route to Lisbon, Benedict told reporters that the financial crisis and the threat to the euro were opportunities to reintroduce a “moral dimension” to economics.
     Pope Ben has no credibility when it comes to preaching a "moral dimension" to economics, after  both he and John Paul II allowed the serial pedophile rapist Father Marcial Maciel Degollado access to children, because Maciel's Legionaries of Christ, now worth an estimated $35 billion, were bringing in the cash.  Where's the moral dimension of that economic decision?  And what of the "moral dimension" of the church's economic decision to block any law that extends the statute of limitations for child-victims of rape, assault, and sexual abuse by priests?

     Oh, but there's more.  The Times reports:
     Benedict is also expected to emphasize the church’s stance on social issues. A largely Catholic country, Portugal legalized abortion in 2007 and its Socialist majority Parliament approved a bill to legalize same-sex marriage earlier this year, which the president of Portugal has not yet signed into law.

      When it comes to sexual and economic morality, the Catholic church has historically shown that it is bankrupt.  It's time for the leaders of world's nations to quit giving credence and diplomatic immunity to Pope Benedict, a "divinely appointed" despot of a medieval, money-making, and  walled museum that claims to be a nation state.

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